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BEFORE: 199 € SPX + Flex Zones (TM), polycarbonate lens, ClimaCool (TM) ventilation system Four-position (TM) nose bridge, Tri. Fit (TM) Temple, ergonomically shaped temples with pull grip (TM) Compatible Headwear Optimized Bridge Size Quick Release Hinge (TM)

139,00 €

BEFORE: 189 € Sports glasses for all sports, cycling, skiing, running, hiking, etc. CLIMACOOL ventilation system Tri Quick Change Lens, Iron Fit system

129,00 €
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BEFORE: 199 €  COLOR: Frame: matte red - Lens: red mirror

139,00 €

BEFORE: 199 € Frame: transparent matte Lens: mirror red

139,00 €

BEFORE: 169 € MODEL A419/00 6050 Frame: gloss black - Lens: green mirror MEASURES: Lens: 67mm - Bridge: 9mm - Arms: 130mm

119,00 €

BEFORE: 191.60 € MODEL A126/00 6110 SIZE L

129,00 €

ANTES: 189 € The Evil Eye Halfrim pro sunglasses are an ideal model for sports such as cycling or running as they incorporate anextremely enveloping design. They are characterized by offering a large field of vision, together with a very durable, light, flexible and anti-allergic frame, which guarantees a comfortable fit. This model includes a microfiber cover,a rigid cover and a sweat guard.

129,00 €
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BEFORE: 199 € The Adidas A192 Tycane S 6061 glasses are an ideal option for any Unisex. Their designer frames come in a wide variety of Shiny Black colors, as do their Vario Clear / Gray Antifog lenses.

139,00 €

BEFORE: 149 € These unique and stylish Adidas A192 6055 Tycane S sunglasses are made with the finest materials. LST is the lens that protects your eyes against irritating reflections and dazzle. LST lents sharpens perception in all light conditions and effectively eliminates light waves reflected by brilliant and shiny surfaces. 

109,00 €

BEFORE: 99 € The AD21 BABOA glasses are very particular and with the color 6050 it is simply great with a modern touch

69,00 €

BEFORE: 199 € Size L The ADIDAS EVIL EYE HALFRIM PRO are the ideal Sunglasses for high and medium competition sports.

139,00 €

BEFORE: 109 € Adidas Daroga sunglasses are ideal for use in extreme sports, as they have polycarbonate lenses and the frame is light

79,00 €

BEFORE: 199 € A191 is a fashion statement, for which sunshine is not necessarily required because these sunglasses enhance your natural radiance turning night into day. 

139,00 €

BEFORE 159 € The evil eye evo sunglasses offer a huge field of vision thanks to their extreme wraparound design. The unique dynamic shape creates more air volume behind the lenses, which reduces fogging and maintains clear vision. 

99,00 €

J Lindeberg windbraker vest now on offer! Before: 126.00 €, now -40%= 75.60 €

75,60 €

J Lindeberg belt in leather that you can use on both sides: one side is black leather, the oter side is blue or red. Now on offer! Original price: 104.00 € now 62.40 € (-40%)

62,40 €

Before: 159.90 €- square-designed rain trousers

79,95 €

Before: 208 €, with the Alcanada logo on her chest

104,00 €
Out of stock

Before: 110,50€ - with the Alcanada logo on her chest,

55,25 €
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