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Womens Bottoms 

Stretch trousers with small pattern of the Par 69 brand.

199,95 €

Skirt with the Par 69 logo on the side.

149,95 €

Ladies trousers from Alberto.  Model "Mona" slim fit

159,95 €

Ladies trouser from Alberto.  Model Alva: regular slim fit. 3xDry Cooler.

159,95 €

Ladies trouser from Alberto in 3xDry Cool material.  7/8 length.

159,95 €

Super light Bermuda for ladies.  Ideal to wear in summer.

93,00 €

Kjus skort with  Small side Folds 

129,00 €

Very confortable ladies pant in cotton.

159,00 €

Made in a breathable and stretchy fabric that adapts to your movements. It has 1 zippered pocket.

94,00 €

Lightweight stretch outer skirt, Mesh inner short with anti-michrobial technology, Front hand pockets and zip rear pocket

128,00 €

Made with a built-in elastic waistband that offers maximum ease of movement. With sun protecction. Breathable. Quick dry

78,00 €

Leightweigh dress with sun protecction UPF 30+, quick dry, maximum moisture wicking

118,00 €
Out of stock

Short sleeve dress, air flow to regulate body temperature. Maximum moisture wicking, Optimal heat transfer, Sun protection UPF 40+

118,00 €

Lightweight dress with FPU 30+, quick Dry, air flow to regulate body temperature

111,00 €

Straight cut that sits comfortably just below the natural waist

109,00 €

Exceptionally comfortable in hot and sunny weather, lightweight fabric with UPF50 that lowers body temperature by as much as 2º C or 4º F.

82,50 €
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