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Womens tops 

Rohnisch Wave Polo shirt with collar and an elegant knitted pattern. Stretchy and soft material with good ventilation and quick-drying effect

69,95 €
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Sleeveless Polo shirt from the exclusive brand Par 69.

99,95 €
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Fitted top with high neck without sleeves from Par 69 brand.

89,95 €
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Elegant poloshirt for ladies

0,00 €
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Polo with floral motif and white collar.

79,00 €

Short sleeve polo shirt with semi-transparent part at the top.

79,00 €

Elegante polo sin mangas con el parte superior semi-transparente.

74,00 €

Ladies polo shirt made out of 60% cotton and 40% poliester

99,00 €
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This FJ dress is very well finished and made from the best materials to play golf. Moisture regulating and anti-bacterial so that unpleasant smells get a hold on the material.

135,00 €
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SPF 30 UV protection, Metal zipper and zipper pull

110,00 €

Elegant ladies' polo shirt with 3/4 sleeve and Alcanada logo on left chest

99,00 €
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Elegant ladies top with 40+ sunprotection

85,00 €

Sleeveless ladies top with flower pattern and half zip.  Lightweight fabric with UPF 50+ that lowers your body temperature by as much as 4º F.

75,00 €

Sleeveless ladies top with sun protection UPF 30+

81,00 €
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